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Complete Box of 12 Dalit Spices & Recipe Book
Price: £39.99

Our authentic Indian spices are sourced directly to ensure the highest quality and freshest product from India.

Our Complete Indian Spice Sets include 12 glass jarred spices. These are chili, coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger, black pepper fenugreek, cardamon, cloves, fennel, white pepper and cinnamon.

Also included in the 'Complete Spice Set' is our unique recipe book that consists of local Indian dishes as well as a few 'secret family' recipes we've had permission to use from some of the local community that volunteer at our orphanages.

Box Dimensions: L 20 cm x W 26 cm x H 12 cm

The purchase of this Spice Set supports our work with street children and the Dalit people of India.




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